Ships Store-When sensor data is important!

immortal data incPatented, Highly Redundant Data Collection.

Volatile environments that are susceptible to catastrophic events require a means to recover sensor data to determine the root cause of the event. Lack of sensor data often prevents the discovery of root cause, which in turn prolongs downtime of normal operations.

Ship Store is a patented solution to accumulate, store, and share sensor data in real time across the network. Multiple sensors reporting to multiple Ship Store units allow data reconstruction if even a single Ship Store unit is recovered after a catastrophic event.

A highly redundant solution, Ship Store provides confidence that all data – including location data – is shared and recoverable. This solution is applicable across multiple industries, from aerospace to field collection we can collect and save your sensor data.

If data collection is conducted by a flight of drones equipped with Ship Store technology, and most drones are eliminated due to a weather event, recovery of collected data from all drones is possible from one Ship Store-equipped drone.

Regardless of your platform if data collection is important to you equipping Ships Store can provide a level of confidence. If your platform encompasses 500 sensors and 100 Ship Store devices and most Ship Store devices are rendered inoperable after a major event, the recovery of one ship Store unit may allow the reconstruction of data from all sensors.

Whether you are sharing data within a drone swarm, tracking sensor data in volatile environments or recovering data after a catastrophic events Ships Store brings a new concept to market.

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