Immortal Data Inc. Tests Hardware in NASA Flight Opportunities Program

Las Cruces, NM, March 28th, 2021 Immortal Data Inc., an entrepreneurial startup aerospace technology company based at the Las Cruces International Airport in New Mexico, is pleased to announce that is has been selected for a suborbital flight in NASA’s Flight Opportunities program. The flight will allow Immortal Data to refine and flight test its black box hardware and software now under development for the next generation of spacecraft.

Flight Opportunities is NASA’s strategic investment program to mature promising technologies for commercial spaceflight and for NASA itself. The program gives companies the chance to take their hardware from the laboratory to test flight. Immortal Data’s equipment will fly on an UP Aerospace suborbital rocket, currently scheduled for the first or second quarter of 2020.

The suborbital flight will test hardware from four companies, all of which will demonstrate technologies that facilitate the Federal Aviation Administration’s goal of integrating space into the national airspace navigation system. The Immortal Data flight recorders (“black boxes”) are one of the four payloads being tested.

CEO of Immortal Data, Dale Amon says, “We are pleased that NASA and the FAA see the value in the technology that we are developing, which will provide spacecraft with flight recorders similar in purpose to those carried on every commercial aircraft, but more robust and able to handle the higher data rates needed for the space environment. This suborbital test will give us the actual flight experience we need to bring our integrated hardware and software to market. We expect that someday our flight recorders will be a part of every crewed commercial spacecraft.”


Immortal Data builds data acquisition and storage systems with a primary target market of the aerospace field, where ruggedness, reliability and high data rates for bulk data are critical. We are designing the central nervous system of a ship or engines under test or in harsh, real world environments containing huge volumes of high rate data. Our integrated hardware/software package carries out the full mission of collecting, storing, distributing and displaying data on an aerospace or other vehicle.

CONTACT: Immortal Data Inc.

Dale Amon, Chief Executive Officer

8990 Zia Blvd, Suite D, Las Cruces NM 88007

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