A nervous system for aerospace ships or engines!

Immortal Data is targeting the aerospace field, where ruggedness, reliability and high data rates for bulk data are more important than fancy GUIs.

We are designing the central nervous system of a ship or engines under test or in harsh, real world environments containing huge volumes of high rate data. Accomplishing this means that, for the most part, we do not sell software on its own; we sell it as a pre-installed hardware/software appliance, preferably as part of a systems solution.

At present, the Immortal Data product line consists of:

Data Acquisition (DAQ) – UEI DNA DAQ with AI-201-100 and DIO-408 cards for acquisition of analog & digital signals.

ShipsLog– polls DAQs, generates common time base, stores and distributes real time data.

ShipsConsole – An engineering control interface for the ShipsLogs.

ShipsDisplay – A display of the real time data streams from the ShipsLogs.

ShipsStore – A Distributed Black Box system for disaster resistant data storage.

The system carries out the full mission of collecting, storing, distributing and displaying data on an aerospace or other vehicle.

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