Ships Store-When sensor data is important!

Patented, Highly Redundant Data Collection. Volatile environments that are susceptible to catastrophic events require a means to recover sensor data to determine the root cause of the event. Lack of sensor data often prevents the discovery of root cause, which in turn prolongs downtime of normal operations. Ship Store is a patented solution to accumulate,

The Impact of Molecular Engineering on Spacecraft Information Systems

Dale M. Amon Queens University Belfast Computer Science Department, Belfast. The application of Molecular Engineering (ME) to spacecraft information systems will require a revolution in software engineering techniques to deal with levels of system complexity so large they must be considered different in kind from present systems. This will be exacerbated by the blurring or

Article: Midland Reporter Telegram

THE ENTREPRENEUR Under the radar, Dale Amon is doing big things in aerospace   (Link to original article in the Midland Reporter Telegram) These days at Midland International Air & Space Port, two types of sounds fill the air. There’s the all-too-common whine of turbines as airliners take off and land, and there’s the unfamiliar